My research focuses on preventing depression and anxiety; the key questions that drive my work are what works, for whom, when, and why?

Before starting my Fellowship in February 2023 at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, King's College London, I was a PostDoc in Prof. Claudi Bockting's lab at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre and University of Amsterdam. I also co-established the £10mln Centre for Urban Mental Health as Assistant Director. This centre uniquely combines complexity and mental health science (position paper: here). 

I defended my PhD in 2021, entitled "Turning Prevention into a Challenge: Towards a New Model of Depression Prevention" at the University of Amsterdam, supervised by Prof. Claudi Bockting, Prof. Simon Gilbody and Dr. Marlies Brouwer. In my thesis, I argue for an integrated model of depression prevention which incorporates both relapse and onset prevention. 

My research on the efficacy and moderators of the effect of psychological interventions for relapse prevention for depression has directly informed the Dutch Multidisciplinary Clinical Guidelines for Depression and was profiled by a JAMA Psychiatry podcast. 

I previously held senior research leadership positions at the National Centre for Social Research (Director of Analysis) and Mental Health Foundation (Head of Research).

As you can see on my media page, I am passionate about knowledge translation and science communication.

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